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Updated 23rd April 2015 – To Clarify……….

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This is a News Flash from 12th March 2015
This Site is being revamped and the theme changed  – I’m working on it ……….
“Wait Out” as Military Radio-Speak goes!

I had to do this “under fire” as some weird bug crept through from my old Amazing Grace theme and when I upgraded it I lost access to many posts, and others were showing up with no Theme at all.  So, I’m busy checking that out and also revising the 40 odd Plugins I’d been testing here

Original Post Revised

Now – despite the title, this “Major Review” Blog won’t be too military as I AM retired and HAVE actually adapted to life out of Uniform!!   In fact, since my Army days (and there were a lot of them) I’ve also been a Doctors’ Surgery Manager, a Seaside Hotelier, and a Retailer…….. so my Front Line has constantly changed.  As I write this update we’re hoping there are no more floods to come (though York has escaped a lot of the worst weather and storms) and I’m trying to relax at home, catching up on what’s happening OnLine and getting back into Blogging with a purpose.

It isn’t actually at all relaxing so far (apart from the tea and choccy biscuits!) – as I’ve spent ages this week trying to get my new “Paid Account” at Akismet to accept the API that I ordered nearly 2 weeks ago!  AND, Google suddenly decided that they didn’t want Roboform to work in their Chrome Browser….. Gnashing of Teeth and huge curses flying around at that – but you can probably guess how little I’ll be using Chrome until that ridiculous situation is changed! I may even have to move my “Command and Conquer” Games access over to Firefox and start using Greasemonkey Scripts instead of the Google Chrome pack – so you can tell just how annoyed I am with Bully Boy Google!

Twitter, nor EMail Marketing are dead. So don’t believe any rumours about that.  And I can definitely see that SEO is far from dead either, though what we “Marketers” may concentrate on might have altered in emphasis a bit I believe it is for the better as Content and Relevance have always been a key issue for anyone visiting a Web Site.

Enough blather – I need to tell you that I’ve been around the Internet Marketing scene for about 9 years now, reading, watching, learning, attending Workshops and Mastermind Groups and buying a mountain of PLR, Software and “How to do almost everything blindfold” material!!  I know from this experience that it is possible to earn a living On Line, but that the MAIN KEY TO SUCCESS  is – you guessed it – Taking Action – and then sticking with that plan to see it through.

Are you looking for that elusive secret method, or the “Magic Button to success”?
Don’t – ignore the hype and stick to a few simple principles to get started in this field. There are so many ways of succeeding on line that looking for the one method that suits you can result in the common affliction of Information Overload! It can be avoided.

My aim here is to provide information from my own experience, or from trusted friends in the business, so that you can benefit from that and NOT have to waste your own time and money trying every new shiny program or membership that comes along to distract you.  I just hate hype, and there is a lot of it about!!

This is a dotcom Web Address so I’ll try to spell in US style, but occasionally that old British Army training will just FORCE me to use a UK format – so you’ll just have to get used to that – OK!!?

I suppose you’re expecting me to set off by saying “By The Left….” but I just walk normally now, so I’ll have to leave the marching to you, if that’s what takes your fancy?!  I don’t even slap my leg with a swagger stick and say “Now Hoist This In Chaps”………… but I will try to emphasize anything I consider really important.

OK, we’re off and running again then…….. I’ll get cracking on a few reviews I already have in mind, and I’ve taken out those that were outdated.

No Opt In, No Links, No Sales Pitch………… this is just a friendly introduction!

An OnLine (and Offline) friend of mine (Randy Smith) is very keen on encouraging all his readers to “Love Life and Enjoy It With Passion”, and though this won’t actually be my catch phrase I do echo his sentiment……… ENJOY it while you can!!


John Reed
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